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Publications on Microgrid

The IIT Perfect Power Prototype 

Introducing Perfect Power at IIT 

Overview of Perfect Power Microgrid 

Public/Private Partnership Creates Opportunity to Fundamentally Address Local Energy Crises 

Campus Microgrid: High Reliability for Active Distribution Systems 

Establishment of Campus Microgrid for Power Engineering Education and Research 

High Reliability Distribution Systems in Microgrids 

A Living Laboratory Smart Grid Education & Workforce Training at ITT 

Integration of High Reliability Distribution System in Microgrid Operation 

Community Perfect Power Model Scope of Work Summary: Creating a Replicable Model for Community Perfect Power 

Specification for South Campus Perfect Power: Preliminary Plan for Working with South Korean Partners to Build a World Class Perfect Power System to Serve the IIT South Campus 


Publications on PMU

OSIsoft IEEE Preseatation 2016 

Local Area Monitoring System for Microgrid 

Local Area Monitoring System (LAMS) for Microgrid 

Description, Building Startup Response: Island Test 

Contingency-Constrained PMU Placement in Power Networks 

Impact of WAMS Malfunction on Power System Reliability Assessment 

Reliability Modeling of PMUs Using Fuzzy Sets 


Publications on Battery

Article in Electricity Storage Association 

Battery Storage Systems in Electric Power Systems 

Distributed Fuel Cell Generation in Restructured Power Systems 

ZBB EnerSystem Overview & Application 


Publications on Demand Response

Assessing Impact of Demand Response in Emission-Constrained Environments 

Energy Efficiency-Perfect Power System Techniques & Applications 


Publications on Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles in Volatile Power System Operations 

Hourly Coordination of Electric Vehicle Operation and Volatile Wind Power Generation in SCUC 

Modeling and Impact Analysis of large scale V2G Electric Vehicles on the Power Grid 


Publications on Reliability

Cost of Reliability Analysis Based on Stochastic Unit Commitment 


Publications on Solar Panel

Solar Panel Configuration on Stuart Building 

Solar Panel Configuration on Siegel Hall 


Publications on Renewable Energy

Renewable Biomass Energy 

Geothermal Energy in Power Systems 

Small Hydro as Green Power 

Solar Power Transmission: From Space to Earth 

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on PV 

Tidal Energy in Electric Power Systems 


Publications on Wind Energy

An International Consortium for Wind Integration Research, Education, and Workforce Development 

Coordination of Wind and Pumped-Storage Hydro Units for Managing Transmission Security 

Realistic Operational Simulation of Wind Projects 

Allocation of Hourly Reserve Versus Demand Response for Security-Constrained Scheduling of Stochastic Wind Energy 

Turbine Controller Integration 

Analysis of Traditional Yaw Measurements 

BlueScout Turbine Controller Integration 

Wind Measurements and Power 

BlueScout Turbine Control Technology 

GE's Wind Fleet 

IIT Test Stand Status, August 6, 2010 


Publications on International Electricity Restructuring

Electricity Restructuring in Bulgaria 

Restructuring Choices for the Indian Power Sector 

Electricity Restructuring in France 

Electricity Restructuring in Iberian Peninsula 

Flexible Best Generation Mix for Korea Power System Considering CO2 Constraint-Vision 2030 

Electric Power Restructuring in Turkey 



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