Publications on Wind Energy Integration

Final Technical Report  

Appendix A: WINS User Manual 

Appendix B: Publications

Analysis of 2030 Large-Scale Wind Energy Integration in the Eastern Interconnection Using WINS 

Security-constrained expansion planning of fast-response units for wind integration 

Generation expansion planning in wind-thermal power systems 

Integration of High Reliability Distribution System in Microgrid Operation 

Microgrid-based Co-optimization of Generation and Transmission Planning in Power Systems 

Stochastic Price-based Coordination of Intra-hour Wind Energy and Storage in a Generation Company 

Hourly Demand Response in Day-ahead Scheduling for Managing the Variability of Renewable Energy 

Coordination of Short-Term Operation Constraints in Multi-Area Expansion Planning 

Allocation of Hourly Reserve versus Demand Response for Security-Constrained Scheduling of Stochastic Wind Energy 

Hourly Coordination of Electric Vehicle Operation and Volatile Wind Power Generation in SCUC 

Hybrid AC/DC Transmission Expansion Planning 

Risk-Constrained Coordination of Cascaded Hydro Units with Volatile Wind Power Generation 

Generation risk assessment in volatile conditions with wind, hydro, and natural gas units 

Comparison of Scenario-Based and Interval Optimization Approaches to Stochastic SCUC 

Security-Constrained Transmission Switching with Voltage Constraints 

SCUC with Hourly Demand Response Considering Inter-temporal Load Characteristics 

Optimal Coordination of Stochastic Hydro and Natural Gas Supplies in Midterm Operation of Power Systems 

Coordinated scheduling of electricity and natural gas infrastructures with a transient model for natural gas flow 

Impact of Natural Gas System on Risk-Constrained Midterm Hydrothermal Scheduling 

Hourly Scheduling of DC Transmission Lines in SCUC with Voltage Source Converters 

Application of augmented Lagrangian relaxation to coordinated scheduling of interdependent hydrothermal power and natural gas systems 

Transmission Switching in Security-Constrained Unit Commitment 

Security-Constrained Generation and Transmission Outage Scheduling With Uncertainties 

Transmission Switching in Expansion Planning 

Promoting the Investment on IPPs for Optimal Grid Planning 

A Hybrid Model for Day-Ahead Price Forecasting 

Accelerating the Benders decomposition for network-constrained unit commitment problems 

Extended Benders Decomposition for Two-Stage SCUC 

Capacity Adequacy Calculation by Considering Locational Capacity Prices 

Security-Constrained Unit Commitment with AC/DC Transmission Systems 

Transmission Congestion Analysis in the Eastern Interconnection using POMS 

Investigation into Use of PMSG-based Wind Farm for Grid Support  

Investigation of Possible Dynamic Interaction between DFIGs of Different Capacity Operating in the Same Wind Farm 

Coordination of Wind and Pumped-Storage Hydro Units for Managing Transmission Security 

Realistic Operational Simulation of Wind Projects 

Allocation of Hourly Reserve Versus Demand Response for Security-Constrained Scheduling of Stochastic Wind Energy 



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